North Breeze Entertainment Ltd
Liverpool, United Kingdom

Release date:

Out now on Steam for HTC Vive
Out now on VIVEPORT for HTC Vive
Oculus Rift version coming very soon Q1 2019

Regular Price:

Steam-USD $19.99
Oculus-USD $19.99


Designed and Developed by Omar Saeed

Additional Graphics:

Lauren Billings

Winter Mraz

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Latest News: North Breeze Entertainment will be showcasing VR Paper Star at White Nights - Berlin, Germany 12th - 13th February - Booth #146


Jump aboard your hoverboard and deliver newspapers to as many customers as possible. A fast paced game where players must navigate their way through the streets, avoiding many obstacles as they progress whilst meeting the required points score.

Budding Paperboys and Papergirls can now fully test their throwing and newspaper delivery skills over 21 levels using the games' highly advanced simulated physics. Challenge yourself further with 'Spin Mode' or for those wanting to really flex their muscles, 'Fitness mode'.

Rack up the points and you too can become a VR Paper Star!


• Arcade newspaper throwing madness
• Super accurate physical throwing mechanic with VR controllers
• 360 degree fully immersive VR experience
• 21 levels in an epic town setting
• AI Lawnmowers, Self driving cars, Star coins, Mollie the cat and a huge cast of characters
• Specialised VR score HUD for better immersion
• 21 Leaderboards
• Spin Mode & Fitness Mode
• Featuring original music
• Physical & mental challenge
• Real-time lighting and shadows

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Please send us a quick email here: info@vrpaperstar.com

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